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Reintegration Everyday, 1 Second at a Time

“Have I even done anything today?”

This thought was all too common during my first few months as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  Being thrust into a new community, in a new country, with the oh-so-specific guidance to “integrate” for two months, can lead to us Type-A Americans feeling a bit down about our lack of accomplishment.

But I’m not in the Peace Corps anymore.  I’m back in the states, trying to get back into the swing of “American” life.

It’s funny how similar readjustment to US culture can be to the initial adjustment to a foreign culture. Thinking back to early in my Peace Corps service, I realized that journaling and blogging helped me gain perspective; it made me feel like I was taking advantage of my time.  Even if I didn’t do it as much as I wanted to, it was still helpful.  I had things to share, about Nicaragua, about the transition, about how life is like in another part of the world.

But I’m not in the Peace Corps anymore.  What is special or interesting about my life?  And what am I doing with my time?

Life.  Readjusting.  Moments with friends and family I dearly missed. Enjoying the summer. Reading. Yard work. Gardening. Parties. Summer camps.  When I paused to reflect, I realized there were an infinite number of small things happening that I loved, that mattered, even if they didn’t necessitate a 500 word blog post.  So how could I capture and share this special, yet simple, time of life?

Enter 1 Second Everyday This awesome app has been the perfect remedy for my social media lethargy, and helps me feel like I’m documenting this unique period of readjustment while not taking time away from actually living and experiencing it.  As the name implies, it’s helps you record and edit 1 second of video a day, with an end goal of having a 6ish minute long video at the end of the year to help you recap your life, to see the moments in time pass by and help us grasp the slow transitions from one year to the next.  It’s simple, yet powerful.  It’s easy, yet profound.

I’ve found that working on this project has made me more intentional and aware during my day.  Knowing I have only 1 second to capture the essence of a day keeps me on the lookout for moments that matter. This can range from the mundane (reading a good book) to the memorable (capture a bridal party jumping photo at a wedding I officiated). I feel more grounded knowing I have a record of this time of life. Being more grounded gives me the space to reflect internally and the time to readjust before jumping back into our blog here with more formal posts and redefining what we write about.  1 Second Everyday is allowing me to lean into this time, to experience it for what it is, to live.

I would’ve loved to have taken a video of 1 second everyday during my Peace Corps service to complement my blogging and journaling, but I can’t change the past.  May I suggest, however, that you start right away?  Whether you’re in Peace Corps, grinding away 9 to 5, or struggling to find even one second to breathe between kid activities, I think you’ll find 1 Second Everyday to be an empowering, entertaining, and easy addition to your life.  

I guarantee you’ve done something today that deserves being remembered.